Apple Inc.

Mac’s are PC’s

I was watching TV when a ad came on for a local computer repair shop. In the ad they said “We repair Mac’s and PC’s.”. Made me sad that the one place that should know better is using the Mac vs. PC phrase. Apple didn’t help things with there ads “I’m a Mac. I’m a […] Read more

Apple gos after the Droid X

Apple Tosses DROID X Into Antennagate, Here is Our Video – Droid Life: A Droid Community BlogApple posted another video showing another smartphone, this time the Droid X, losing bars when held in the death grip. Problem is other people can’t recreate this, even Engadget can’t do it. The other thing is Apple made a […] Read more

Apple tracking location every 12 hours

Apple Tells Congressmen it Batches, Encrypts Location Data – Web Services Web 20 and SOA from eWeek With the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and can see why location-based data is needed. What I don’t understand is why Apple needs to know where I am when I am using my MacBook. If I am using […] Read more

Don’t worry, Be happy

Sometimes you just have to say sorry.Jobs is Apple’s spokesperson, and he usually does a terrific job. But in this case, his anger and his defensiveness got the better of him. Apple is now a dominant player in the consumer technology market and it can’t afford this kind of ham-fisted performance. Jobs should remove himself […] Read more

There is a fix to the non-problem that your iPhone doesn’t have

John Gruber posted a image from page 13 of the Droid Eris User Manual that shows the area where the antenna is and it says you should avoid contact with that area. It says that you should “always use your device only in its normal-use position”. The problem with the iPhone 4 is that if […] Read more