Apple tracking location every 12 hours

Apple Tells Congressmen it Batches, Encrypts Location Data – Web Services Web 20 and SOA from eWeek

With the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and can see why location-based data is needed. What I don’t understand is why Apple needs to know where I am when I am using my MacBook. If I am using Chrome and Google wants to know where I am using HTML5, does that info go back to Apple and if so why?

Apple offers location-based services on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Iphone 4, iPad WiFi/3G and on older iPhones, iPad WiFi iPod touch and Macs running Snow Leopard, and Windows or Macs running the Safari 5 Web browser, albeit to a more limited extent.

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Don’t worry, Be happy

Sometimes you just have to say sorry.

Jobs is Apple’s spokesperson, and he usually does a terrific job. But in this case, his anger and his defensiveness got the better of him. Apple is now a dominant player in the consumer technology market and it can’t afford this kind of ham-fisted performance. Jobs should remove himself from the lineup and let someone else take over. Or he should get over himself and cheer up. But Friday’s press conference was not good corporate PR.

Steve Jobs’s Disastrous iPhone 4 Press Conference – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review

There is a fix to the non-problem that your iPhone doesn’t have

John Gruber posted a image from page 13 of the Droid Eris User Manual that shows the area where the antenna is and it says you should avoid contact with that area. It says that you should “always use your device only in its normal-use position”. The problem with the iPhone 4 is that if you use it in a normal-use position it drops signal.

But that is not the real problem at all. We all know now that most phones will lose signal if held in just the right place and I say most phone because nobody has test every phone out there. I didn’t know anything about attenuation till this all got started but the real problem with the iPhone is the one thing that Apple prides itself on the most, the design. They took a chance and put the antenna on the outside, something that I am sure other cell phone manufacturers have tested, and it didn’t work as good as they would of liked. Now if Steve Jobs said that last week then this would all be behind them but they decided to point fingers like a teenager. But you could always do like Jobs says and “just avoid holding it in that way“. Or just wait for one of the free bumpers to fix the non-problem that the iPhone 4 doesn’t have.

Android “Junkware”, Just Like The iPhone

The Droid X comes loaded with several nonstandard applications for Google’s Android, most of which cannot be removed. Among the phone’s so-called junkware is a Blockbuster video app and a demo for an Electronic Arts game called Need for Speed: Shift. The software from the struggling movie retail chain includes a store locator and a section to download mobile movies from Blockbuster’s catalog. This app cannot be uninstalled from the phone’s software library using any traditional means. Users can delete it from the home screen, but it lives on — permanently part of the software embedded on the device.

link: ‘Junkware’ comes standard on Verizon, T-Mobile smart phones | Technology | Los Angeles Times

Where to start. There is always a way to uninstall with Android but Mark doesn’t want to point that out so he just says the “app cannot be uninstalled from the phone’s software library using any traditional means“. Also there are apps on the iPhone that you can not uninstall using traditional means or any other way. Are those apps junkware? Later on Mark adds this…

The EA racing game, which provides limited functionality and a large button on the introduction screen urging players to buy the full version, can be removed.

Mark seems to forget that the EA game is a demo so it has, shocker, limited functionality. Just like every demo for every game ever made. Even free versions of games for the iPhone that also have a paid version have limited functionality. And EA must be a evil company for putting a button in there demo app for people to buy the full game because that never happens in iPhone apps.