Changing Education Paradigms

I saw this video via Reddit and in just 11 minutes it has changed my thinking the education system in America. […] Read more

iTunes 9.0.3 released, Sort of

While reading TUAW I saw that iTunes 9.0.3 was out so like everyone else I tried to update. Strange thing is that while iTunes says its out, Software Update says I have nothing to update. Funny. [youtube=] […] Read more

Morning Drive

[youtube=] […] Read more

What Do You Do With 3 PS3’s?

Last week I picked a Playstation 3 because I am getting a new TV soon. I wanted to get a Blue-Ray player but being that I am also a gamer I didn’t just want a stand alone Blue-Ray player so I got a PS3. Of course being the geek that I am I wanted to […] Read more