Review: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Its that time of year again. Time to find out how much you suck at life from some teenager high on junk food and pop. It is Call of Duty time in the form of Modern Warfare 3. But this time there are two main things that are working against it. COD has competition with […] Read more

Review: iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update

So the iPhone 3.0 update came out last week and I have been looking forward to it since it was first announced months ago. That was till the WWDC keynote where Apple said MMS was going to work on day one from about every one but AT&T. That put AT&T down there with Sprint in […] Read more

Review: Dropbox

I got a beta invite to Dropbox last week and have been playing with it ever since. You can think of Dropbox as a free version of Amazon’s S3 service. It allows you to sync any files from your computer, PC or Mac, to there web interface. But unlike S3, any changes make to any […] Read more

Test Review: Forza Motorsport 2

I did not write the following. Just using it to test. Forza 2 gameplay operates at 60 frames per second, and replays run at 30 frames per second, due to their usage of post-processing effects. A hard drive is necessary to view replays. Using multiple screens, a player can set up and utilize a 180° […] Read more


Pownce is the web app/site made by Megatechtronium that is a small company with four people – Leah Culver, Daniel Burka, Kevin Rose, and Shawn Allen. The best known in that list is Kevin Rose, founder of, and Daniel Burka, lead designer for Digg. What is Pownce? The best way to say it is […] Read more