Review: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Its that time of year again. Time to find out how much you suck at life from some teenager high on junk food and pop. It is Call of Duty time in the form of Modern Warfare 3. But this time there are two main things that are working against it. COD has competition with […] Read more

Upcoming Game – Race Driver: GRID

I was doing my daily surf around the news sites when I came across a game called Race Driver: GRID on Voodoo Extreme. Why I haven’t seen this game before I don’t know but I am glad I found out about it now because it looks awesome. I don’t buy that many games because of […] Read more

Play on Xbox Live for free

I was sent this video that showed how you can play on Xbox Live for free. What this does is give you 48 hour passes that you can use and some times you get Microsoft points. This won’t give you a gold account and everything that gos with it but at least you get to […] Read more

Review: Halo 3

I was going to do this really long Halo 3 review. It was going to be great but this video pretty much covers it […] Read more