The Day of The iPad

Today is the day that Apple released it's new "magical and revolutionary product" the iPad. A 9.7 inch Multi-Touch tablet or as some call it a really big iPod Touch.…

AT&T Has No Clue What Phone I Have

I have never really had a problem with AT&T as far as service go’s. Never had a drop call and the data speed has been good. So when I got a email and a text that said I had no data plan with my iPhone, needless to say I was somewhat confused. I have only had my iPhone 3G for over a year now and had the first gen iPhone before that and as most of you know, you can not walk out of the AT&T store with a iPhone that doesn’t have a data plan.

Review: iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update

So the iPhone 3.0 update came out last week and I have been looking forward to it since it was first announced months ago. That was till the WWDC keynote where Apple said MMS was going to work on day one from about every one but AT&T. That put AT&T down there with Sprint in my book but lets look at the other stuff that the 3.0 update brings to the iPhone.