Apple Inc.

Mac’s are PC’s

I was watching TV when a ad came on for a local computer repair shop. In the ad they said “We repair Mac’s and PC’s.”. Made me sad that the one place that should know better is using the Mac vs. PC phrase. Apple didn’t help things with there ads “I’m a Mac. I’m a […] Read more

Android “Junkware”, Just Like The iPhone

The Droid X comes loaded with several nonstandard applications for Google’s Android, most of which cannot be removed. Among the phone’s so-called junkware is a Blockbuster video app and a demo for an Electronic Arts game called Need for Speed: Shift. The software from the struggling movie retail chain includes a store locator and a […] Read more

The Day of The iPad

Today is the day that Apple released it’s new “magical and revolutionary product” the iPad. A 9.7 inch Multi-Touch tablet or as some call it a really big iPod Touch. People have been waiting in lines for a few days to be the first to pay what will be the highest price point for this […] Read more

AT&T Has No Clue What Phone I Have

I have never really had a problem with AT&T as far as service go’s. Never had a drop call and the data speed has been good. So when I got a email and a text that said I had no data plan with my iPhone, needless to say I was somewhat confused. I have only […] Read more